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Even though the cost of creating a dedicated campaign

Even though the cost of creating a dedicated campaign Litmus Litmus is one of the leading email marketing platforms in the world. This in itself is an argument for tracking what they do with their mailings. There are specialists working there who use a lot of inspiring ideas when working on newsletters and who know how to create them well. It is a foreign company, but by observing its activities, you will come across many examples that could be successfully transferred to Poland. 2. Fitbit This is a company that not only does good e-mail marketing, but in general its approach to internet marketing is definitely A-plus. The products he sells are carefully profiled, he knows who he wants to talk to, how and where.

Open rates are not the most important

It’s definitely good to have her newsletter in your Spain Email List inspiration database, because she has no shortage of ideas. 3. Apple Apple is probably the master of minimalism and perfect copy. Both in products, advertisements and e-mail marketing. Her approach is extremely consistent and creative. Opening emails from her is a real pleasure. 4. Dawanda Dawanda stands out with sales mailings on the Polish e-commerce market – both in terms of execution and strategy. Occasional mailings, gift suggestions or discounts on various holidays, as well as interesting workmanship. Lots of gifs, email marketing tricks and interesting facts. We always open their mailings, even when “at the end of the money I still have a lot of month left” Starbucks.

While a campaign with a more subdued

This newsletter is a “must have” for every BJB Directory coffee lover. It is at a very high level both creatively and aesthetically. And although the taste of the coffee itself can be debated, there is probably nothing to discuss about the class of Starbucks mailings – they are simply very good! 6. Tiffany&CO This is a foreign company selling exclusive jewelry. And we would also like to see such mailings prepared by its employees on our market. Watching them is pure pleasure! They also have a marketing approach and a well-thought-out strategy. It’s definitely worth being inspired by them! 7. H&M Even the welcome email shows that H&M knows how to do email marketing. They are certainly familiar with the term “marketing automation” and know how to use this type of tools. The mailings themselves also stand out.

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