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Define the subtopics

Once you have identified the central topic of your pillar page, then it is time to design the cluster of subtopics. Each subtopic aims to expand the information on the pillar page. So when selecting a subtopic, make sure you can cover it in greater depth in other content and link to it in the future. Example: For the main keyword bench drills, you could address the subtopics “What is a bench drill and what is it for?” “How are bench drills classified?” or “How much does a bench drill cost?” These subtopics should be addressed on your pillar page in a general way. But, as you can see, they have the potential to make new articles or books, and link to them so that people can consult them in case they want to delve deeper into the topic.

Write the page with relevant and attractive content

Now that you have defined the topic of your pillar page, you know which keywords you should use and the necessary subtopics to have robust  content. Then it’s time to write the text on the page. With all of the above you already have half of the work done, now you just have to use your knowledge (and research) to answer your users’ concerns. As a suggestion: make sure you address as many subtopics on your Phone Number List page as possible. Quality content is a way to create authority for your company in your sector, which in the long term means recognition of your brand and more sales of your products or services. While the structure of your pillar pages tells search engines that you are an expert on the topic, you need that information to be very valuable to your users.

Check internal links and optimize the design

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When you have your draft ready, add links that connect the central topic with the content cluster so that users can move from one topic to ano BJB Directory ther and delve deeper easily. This will greatly increase the chances of getting more traffic to your website. Include infographics, optimized images and other resources that improve the user experience when browsing the page.

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