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Customer journey and design of personalized strategies

Customer journey and design of personalized strategies. Double opt-in is a way of building a database in which it is necessary to confirm the subscription. The newsletter (after subscribing, the user receives an activation message with a link that he must click). In this way, you can avoid a situation in which someone enters someone else’s e-mail address in the form and you send them a mailing without their consent, risking your company being reported to GIODO. Or they provide a spam-trap address in it, exposing them to compromising the deliverability of your newsletter you only need to send at least one message to it. We strongly suggest using the double opt-in method. Each time, before a given subscriber enters your database and you start communicating with him, send an activation message and require him to click on the link contained in it.

Use of data and technology for relationship

Email marketing systems offer such solutions Lebanon Email List and do it for you. It doesn’t cost anything and protects you from possible problems. Email marketing is a great way to promote, increase sales and maintain relationships with customers. However, if we want it to be effective and not expose us to damage (image or financial), we must remember about good practices and… compliance with the regulations. You will learn what these regulations are from the article below. What should you remember if you want to be a mature and effective email marketer and not a spammer? Laws regarding email marketing When starting your adventure with email marketing, it is worth familiarizing yourself with these three laws.

Digital marketing process automation

Personally Identifiable Information BJB Directory Protection Act , Act on the provision of electronic services , Telecommunications Law Act . This should be required reading for anyone who wants to conduct email marketing in their company. I guess no one likes reading this type of magazines, but in this case it’s definitely worth doing it. We have extracted key issues from the above acts and described them below. If you want to conduct email marketing legally, you should remember them. Obtain consent to the processing of personal data This is the first of three consents that you should receive from an Internet user in order to legally send him a newsletter.

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