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Create a dedicated landing page for this campaign. Evolution of search engines and the role of AI In the common imagination, thinking about. Artificial Intelligence means thinking about ChatGPT or BARD . But in reality, AIs were present in search engines a long time before these tools emerged. In Google, Bing or Yahoo, for example, natural language processing. AI is used so that the search engine is capable of autocompletion. And allows you to use your voice as a command. Then, there is also machine learning AI. Which is used to detect sensitive content and search images and videos (by detecting faces and objects). Finally, generative AI is responsible for providing a direct answer to a question we google or offering a summary.

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Artificial Intelligence is expected to expand, update and advance Norway Email List considerably in a few years. In the near future, engines could better understand searches, even if they are ambiguous or unclear. In addition, it is estimated that they will be able to return information that is of interest to the particular user who makes the query, achieving personalization. It is also aimed at making search engines even more intuitive and generating more attractive content. AIs are great allies of search engines and their upcoming development is eagerly awaited. Information at your fingertips! In 2018, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, stated at the opening of the “Google Cloud Next” conference: “We believe that search engines are a fundamental tool for accessing information and knowledge.


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Our goal is to create search engines that are BJB Directory faster, more relevant, and more useful to users. “We are constantly innovating in this field to create search engines that are more accessible to everyone.” Although Google is the browser par excellence, those words could also have come from the mouth of the person responsible for any web search engine. The objective is clear for all engines: to put users’ questions before them, understand exactly what they are referring to and give a precise and qualified answer. From that starting point, many new ideas and functions can emerge, but the floor to be reached is defined (although it is not always achieved). Standing out in a web search engine’s index can be a real headache.

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