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Documents requir to obtain an electronic signature certificate Submission and signing of the application contract by the responsible director of the facility or its legal representative at the licensee’s headquarters, and he must have the right to sign on behalf of the facility in accoignature within the electronic invoice system.

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Obtain the electronic signature certificate, which is authoriz by the Information Technology Industry Development Authority, is currently only France Telegram Data four companies in Egypt Pioneers Solutions and its branches also provide the “My Signature” service for issuing and renewing the electronic signature and the electronic seal in the fastest time and at the best price, in addition to the electronic invoice programs and the electronic receipt program.

Telegram Data

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Electronic signature and the prices of an electronic seal through the following link Finally, we bring to you the latest news about the electronic invoice Italy Email List system, quoting the Egyptian Tax Authority, which issu Resolution No. of obligating all companies register with the Center for Miterranean Taxpayers Cairo and the Center for Large Free Professions Taxpayers in Nasr City to issue electronic tax invoices for what they provide, whether goods or Services, as of September.

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