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Before someone decides Masks are usually thicker than conditioners and we use them less often. 3. Can I use this mask after keratin straightening? Yes, you can definitely use it. The composition of this mask does not contain anything that could accelerate the washing out of keratin from the hair. 4. Is this mask P, E, or H? The mask contains proteins, emollients and humectants, so we call it PEH. It has a balanced but very rich composition and works really intensively. 5. What to do to make the mask work even better? Be sure to read our article with 7 simple tricks CLICK . 6. Is the mask vegan? It contains the amino acids cysteine ​​and arginine, so it cannot be classified as a vegan product.

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How to use: Apply the mask to washed and damp hair. Leave on your hair for 3 to 30 minutes and then rinse. GOOD LOKING natural curl styling Austria Phone Numbers List cream Availability large number of PLN 49.99 Does your hair want to curl? With the Good  styling cream, you will achieve exceptionally flexible, beautifully defined, smooth curls, resistant to frizz, with stunning volume. 98% ingredients of natural origin. quantity 1 +-TO SHOPPING CART How to use Composition The cream emphasizes the curl, fixes and nourishes it at the same time . Natural polymers, hydrolyzed corn starch and linseed and chia seed extracts effectively define and maintain curl. Jojoba esters, olive oil derivatives and sunflower wax replace silicones , imitating the beneficial care and protective properties of hair sebum without making it greasy. Highly substantive rice proteins help strengthen and nourish damaged and dry hair.

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Optimized lipocomplex of ceramides, glycolipids, phospholipids and polysaccharides obtained from, among others, almonds, marshmallow, flax and BJB Directory sunflower nourish, moisturize and create a biofilm on the hair surface that smoothes, gives shine, protects against moisture and frizz . The cream is recommended for curls with curl type 3a to 3c. How to use: Apply a small amount of cream to wet, dripping hair. Distribute thoroughly along their entire length, kneading the curls with the head down. Dry your hair using a hairdryer with a diffuser or leave it to dry naturally.

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