Telegram Data

The most important features

Mi Master hospital management program The program does a lot of work and contains many features that help in managing mical centers and hospitals, including Follow up on patients, operations , manage accounts, contracting companies, and personnel affairs. Follow up and coordinate between different departments and coordinate work among them with ease.

Managing patients affairs

Organizing their admission, starting with the patient’s entry, recording data, and saving all his data until he is discharg from the hospital The South Africa Telegram Data program supports a strong protection system to preserve the data of patients and workers within the mical sector Calculating costs and expenses for patients to ruce errors and save time and effort, in addition to organizing appointments for doctors’ appointments.

Telegram Data

Followup and conducting examinations

Manage employee affairs such as doctors, assistants, nurses, and workers, and you can add all their data and details easily A list of reports that Poland Email List provide you with % accurate data, including all departments, to help you develop the work environment within the hospital and manage it with high quality and efficiency. Organizing operations and managing accounts for clients and private contracting companies, along with managing supplies stores and organizing their.