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Problems of receiving traditional patients The traditional problems of receiving patients are summariz in poor organization of roles and daily problems with patients and secretaries when they enter the doctor, as well as lack of organization in roles and appointments, which results in Long waiting lines for patients Patients cancel appointments Longterm irregularity of patients in the clinic Negative reactions towards the clinic and the unorganiz system Also learn about.

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Challenges and problems facing the management of clinics and mical centers Mistakes that doctors make when marketing a mical clinic Why should Laos Telegram Data we rely on mical technology to manage clinics? Relying primarily on technology helps achieve all means of success for the clinic, so the clinic becomes More organiz and schul Use less effort in mical management.

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Organization Achieving all means of mical care for patients Solve the problems of constant waiting and irregular appointments Making significant Australia Email List improvements to the level of service in the mical field Ease of communication with patients, keeping their mical records and easy access to them Regularity and achieving financial success due to the good organization that the electronic system contributes to Advantages of using technological programs in managing clinics and patients.