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The fifth phase of implementing

The electronic invoice system, after the third phase officially began on May , . The fourth phase is expect to be appli to all government agencies affiliat with the state on the first of next July. I advise you to read The most common questions about the electronic invoice system To try and download the electronic invoice program through the following link reports for suppliers Nov Shrouq.

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Activities or companies that rely mainly on controlling supplier accounts, you must be very careful to choose an accounting program that enables Germany Telegram Data you to maintain supplier data and accounts and manage that process with great care, and of course with the Easy Store account management program you guarantee complete management of the accounts. Also, how to make a statement of accounts for suppliers affiliat with your activity, and you will learn about.

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Code supplier data in Easy

Store What is the difference between suppliers and critors? Suppliers are those who are dealt with on crit forward purchases and are characteriz by Japan Email List continuous dealings with the company. Critors This account usually expresses the company’s obligations that are not link to commodity purchases relat to the company’s activity, such as banks and financiers. How to code supplier data in Easy Store The first step you must follow to encode supplier data within the program is.