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How to download Facebook cover photo

You can download Facebook cover photos from your own or others’ profiles. It’s a great idea to download the cover image if you want to see it in your gallery. After downloading the cover photo, you can view it from the gallery whenever you want without an internet connection. If you also want to download the title image and are facing obstacles while downloading it, then you are in the right place. Here, we guide you with simple and quick tricks that will help you save your cover image. Let’s not delay and dive into the main topic. You are also advised to stay till the end to know more about cover photo download. Yes, you can download Facebook cover photo. If someone’s cover image is interesting, you can save it in your gallery folder and can view it anytime without internet access. You can do it using smartphones and desktops.

Where to find FB cover images?

Where to find Fax Lists FB cover images? The cover image is also known as the banner image because it is the first image that people see just after logging into someone’s profile. You can find the FB cover image just above the profile photo. The size of the cover picture is relatively larger than the profile picture. So finding a cover photo on Facebook is not that difficult. However, only the last cover picture can be seen only after opening someone’s profile. To see all the past cover pictures, you need to open the photos section from the profile and then the cover pictures album. However, if someone deletes the cover photos , you won’t be able to find them even after opening the cover photos album. 

How to download your Facebook cover photo?

How to BJB Directory download your Facebook cover photo? Downloading a Facebook cover photo is very easy. The step-by-step guide will help you complete the procedure in no time without any hurdles. The steps to save FB header image on mobile app and PC are totally different. So, the procedure for downloading cover images for smartphones or desktops is given separately. In the Mobile App If you are a smartphone user and want to download your Facebook cover photo, then go through the following steps. The steps are very similar for both smartphones i.e. Androids and iOS, so you can follow the same steps. 1. Open the Facebook application on your smartphone .