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Example Of Calculation Of Shopee Suki Rewards

Therefore, If a seller can complete 150 orders from first time buyers in one week, he earns a total of 7,500 PHP from earning his Shopee Suki code. He also gets a separate 7500 PHP as a bonus as a level 5 Shopee Suki seller. Here is a breakdown of the calculation:

[50 PHP x 150 completed orders from first time buyers = 7500 PHP] + 7000 PHP Rewards from Level 5 sales

How Can Seller Get From Shopee Suki

Therefore, Once you have successfully Latest Mailing Database become a Shopee Suki Seller, tap Share Now. Share your code on your social media pages.

First time Shopee buyers will now be able to earn 100 PHP from their initial purchase on the Shopee platform and you will earn a bonus 50 PHP for every new Shopee registrant who buys their first product from you. Rewards for different levels of Suki sellers will also apply.

Why is the maximum earning from the Shopee Suki

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Therefore, Program different from when you open the Shopee Suki page compare to being registere in the rewards system?

The maximum earnings (2,514,500 PHP) announced on the Shopee Suki page of the app refer to the 50 PHP bonus you can get from shoppers who use your code for their purchases. Meanwhile, the 7000 PHP bonus shown in the reward system relates to the bonus that sellers receive from their current Shopee Suki tier.

Now that we’ve gotten to the BJB Directory question, have all you Shopee PH sellers out there tried the Shopee Suki Program? When do you plan to use this new financial opportunity? What positive experiences and challenging moments did you encounter with this program.

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Encourage Buyer Activity Through Vouchers

You can persuade your buyers to buy more products from your store by creating your own vouchers. In addition, the opportunity for your customers to buy more products per transaction also increases.

You can customize your voucher depending on your needs. Vouchers vary in category. There are discounts and coin cashback.

Currently there are two types of vouchers:

Product vouchers – only valid for certain products
Shop vouchers – can be applied to all products in your store
You can also set a limit for your voucher. This means you will decide how many times a person can apply his or her voucher for a transaction.

How to Make Vouchers

Go to Seller Center and Click Marketing Center.

Click Vouchers.

Choose to Create a New Voucher. Decide whether you want to create a product or a shopping voucher.

You will notice that the product voucher cannot be displayed on your shop page. This is due to the fact that product vouchers are designed to be exclusive products that sellers will gradually give away to loyal customers via coupon codes.

On the other hand, you have database the option to make your shop voucher visible on all your pages as well as certain channels such as Shopee Live and Shopee feed. You can also share vouchers with specific people using a code.

After you create a voucher, it will appear on your voucher dashboard.

Your shop voucher that is visible for all pages will then appear on your shop homepage.

Try Split Dragon
Find winning products. Spy on competitors. Project the profitability of your eComm store.

Promote Your Products With Discounts


The My Discount Promotion tool allows you to increase hype for your product over a set time and therefore increase Shopee sales.

Discounts can apply to one product. You also have the option to apply discounts to all products in your online store.

Be sure to set limits for each of your discounts. This way, one buyer won’t be able to pick up your best products before other customers have had a chance to take a look at them.

My Discount Promotion is BJB Directory especially helpful for sellers who want to increase the profit on a single product without having to lower the price. Through the use of these discounts, your prices will remain competitive compared to other sellers.

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How To Make Collections For The Best Choice Of Stores

Click the green plus button to start adding products. Add at least four products. Note that you can only add up to eight products.

Tick ​​the products you want to add to Top Picks From Shop. If you have a large variety of products, you can find the product you want by product name or product ID. Click Confirm once you’ve selected the products you want to include in the promotion.

A preview of your selected product will appear in the lower-left corner of the window. Enter your collection name and then click Save.

Click Activate this Collection now or Activate later.

You will now be able to see your collection when you open the Top Picks dashboard. If you want to disable the current collection, click on the green toggle. If you click on preview, you will be redirected to a page with all the products you selected and their details.

Outperform your competitors & increase your sales in next 30 days.

Flash sales are deals that appear on the Shopee homepage. Using the flash sale feature allows you to increase your sales as this is the part of Shopee that most shoppers visit when they are looking for discounted items.

Since this is one of the most popular features of Shopee, sellers can garner the most clicks and views. You will also get the following benefits:

How To Get Deal Flash Slots

Go to SG Reseller Solutions . Select phone number list the slot you want to buy. Go through the usual buying process.

Once you have purchased your slot, you can login to your Seller Center account. Click Marketing Center. The Flash Sales feature will appear in your Marketing Tools.

Select Flash Sale and Select the campaign you want to participate in.

Review the campaign terms and conditions. Make sure that you can fulfill what is stated.

You will increase your chances of selling your best product
Attract more visitors and exposure to your online store
Requirements To Make Flash Sales
Start and end times
The price or discount percentage must be within the Accepted Discount Range of the nomination agreement.
Sufficient stock (your stock for flash sales will be deducted from your total product supply)
Products that fall under the category requirements that Shopee selects for flash sales
You can also add product variations. However this is optional.

How to Join Flash Sale
In traditional terms, sellers cannot join a flash sale. This is a Shopee segment reserved for sellers who have achieved the following:

Click Nominate Product when you’re ready

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Select the products you want to include in the flash sale. Click Confirm once you have decided.

After updating the details, you can save and submit the application. The review process can take up to seven working days. Check the Flash Sale section of your Seller Center from time to time to BJB Directory check the status of your application.

Ensuring Your Nomination Is Successful
Make sure the product you choose is set at the lowest price
One product per timeslot
You must have a minimum of five in stock for the product you choose
Make sure your product cover image has a white background
No pre-orders
Free Shipping
Penalty points must be less than three
Your store needs to have reviews greater than four

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How To Increase Your Shopee Sales

Therefore, To increase your Shopee sales, not only do you need to drive people to your online store, but you also need to convert your visitors into sales conversions. Shopee provides an in-app feature that allows sellers to create figures that reflect their revenue.

One of the keys to increasing your Shopee sales is to become more visible to potential buyers. The Shopee My Campaigns feature allows you to paste certain products into the parts of the website that are most visited by shoppers.

My Campaigns is Shopee’s way of helping sellers get the most out of the Shopee platform. As we can see, Shoppe allows shoppers to join campaigns for free.

It is important to note that product nominations must be based on these criteria:

Product descriptions and images must be decent and accurate

Therefore, The seller must have the whatsapp mobile number list willingness to provide a 10%-20% discount if the seller is approved
Attractive price
If you do not meet the criteria above, your application to join the campaign may be rejected.

How to Join the Campaign

Therefore, Campaigns will appear in the Upcoming section when Shopee adds new events for sellers to join. Note that product nominations are not a guarantee that Shopee will select your products for the campaign.

Advantages That Sellers Will Enjoy If They Are Selected For The Campaign

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  • Exposure on desktop and in-app campaign banners
  • Products will be featured in email blast marketing as well as push notifications
  • Increase store awareness through increased click-through rates

Therefore, Use the Top Picks Feature Shopee designed Top Picks From Shop to increase cross-selling. With this feature, sellers can add four to eight products in a collection that can be displayed BJB Directory on a person’s product page. This encourages shoppers to add more of your products to their cart and thereby increase overall Shopee sales. 

You can create a maximum of 10 collections. Only one collection can be displayed on your product page at any given time. 

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The Lazy Way to Special Database

In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies need quick and easy access to their data to make informed decisions. One way to achieve this is by implementing a special database designed specifically for their needs. However, building a custom database from scratch can be time-consuming, complex, and expensive. That’s why many businesses are turning to lazy ways of creating special databases.

The lazy way to create a special database is to use

A pre-built database template. These templates are designed for specific industries or business needs and can be customized to meet individual company requirements. They save time and effort because they already contain the basic structure and functionality of a database, allowing businesses to focus on tailoring it to their specific needs.

One of the most popular pre-built database templates is Microsoft Access. This software provides pre-designed database templates that businesses can use to create their databases quickly. Microsoft Access templates include templates for project management, inventory management, and customer management, among others. The templates can be easily customized using the user-friendly interface, and the resulting database can be shared with other team members.

Another lazy way to create a special database Database is to use a cloud-based database service. These services, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, provide pre-built databases that can be customized and integrated into a business’s existing infrastructure. They also offer scalability, so businesses can expand their database as their needs grow.

Using pre-built database templates or cloud-based database services may seem like a lazy way to create a special database, but it’s an effective way to get a database up and running quickly. It saves time, money, and resources, and allows businesses to focus on more important tasks, such as analyzing their data and making informed decisions.

However, businesses should be aware


That pre-built templates may not fit their specific requirements exactly, and customization may be needed. Additionally, businesses must ensure that their data is secure and BJB Directory meets any regulatory requirements. They should also consider the cost of the service, including any ongoing fees for maintenance and support.

It saves time, money, and resources, allowing businesses to focus on analyzing their data and making informed decisions.

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Boost Your Special Database With These Tips

In today’s digital age, having a special database is becoming increasingly important for businesses and organizations. A special database can help you store and manage large amounts of data related to your business, which can ultimately lead to better decision-making and improved outcomes. However, managing a special database can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right tools and strategies in place. In this article, we will explore some tips to help you boost your special database and make the most of your data.

Tip 1: Regularly clean your data

One of the most important things you can do to boost your special database is to regularly clean your data. This means removing duplicate entries, correcting errors, and ensuring that your data is up-to-date. A clean database will not only improve the accuracy of your data but also make it easier to manage and use.

Tip 2: Use data visualization tools

Data visualization tools can help you analyze and understand your data in a more visual way. With these tools, you can create charts, graphs, and other visual representations Whatsapp Mobile Number List of your data, which can help you identify trends and patterns more easily. This can be especially helpful when you are trying to make decisions based on your data.

Tip 3: Implement security measures

Security should be a top priority when it comes to managing a special database. Make sure that you implement strong security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access and other security threats. This can include using encryption, firewalls, and other security tools.

Tip 4: Invest in training and education

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Tip 5: Regularly back up your data

Finally, it is important to regularly back up your data to protect against data loss. This means creating regular backups of your database and storing them in a secure location. By doing BJB Directory this, you can ensure that you can quickly recover your data in the event of a disaster or other data loss event.

In conclusion, managing a special database can be challenging, but by following these tips, you can boost your database and make the most of your data.

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How to Improve at Special Database in 60 Minutes

If you’re working with special databases, it can be a daunting task to improve your skills. However, with the right approach, it’s possible to make significant progress in just 60 minutes. Here are some tips to help you improve your skills and become more proficient with special databases:

Understand the Database Structure

The first step in improving your skills is to understand the structure of the database you’re working with. This includes understanding the tables, fields, and relationships between them. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the structure of the database, and take notes if necessary. This will help you to quickly locate the data you need and make more efficient use of your time.

  1. Practice with Queries

Queries are one of the most powerful tools for working with databases. Spend some time practicing with different types of queries, such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. Try writing queries from scratch, as well as modifying existing queries. This will help you to understand how queries work and how to use them to get the data you need.

  1. Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can help you to Phone Number List work more efficiently with special databases. Take some time to learn the most commonly used shortcuts, such as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for copy and paste, and Ctrl+Z for undo. By using keyboard shortcuts, you can save time and become more productive.

  1. Use Online Resources

There are many online resources available to help you improve your skills with special databases. Take advantage of these resources by reading articles, watching videos, and participating in online forums. This will help you to learn new techniques and best practices, as well as connect with other professionals in the field.

Attend Training Sessions

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If your company offers training sessions or workshops on special databases, make sure to attend them. These sessions can provide valuable insights and tips that you may not have learned otherwise. They also give you the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback from experts in the field.

In conclusion, improving your skills with special BJB Directory databases doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following these tips, you can make significant progress in just 60 minutes. Understand the structure of the database, practice with queries, learn keyboard shortcuts, use online resources, and attend training sessions. With a little effort and dedication, you’ll be able to master special databases and become more efficient and productive in your work.

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It’s All About the Special Database

In today’s data-driven world, having access to relevant . And accurate information is critical for any organization’s success. For this reason, businesses invest a significant amount of time and resources in maintaining and managing their data. One of the essential components of data management is the database. A structured collection of information that can be easily accessed, managed, and updated.

However, not all databases are created equal

In fact, some databases are specifically designed to meet the . Unique needs of certain industries, applications, or use cases. These specialized databases are becoming increasingly popular as businesses. Realize the importance of having a tailored solution that fits their specific requirements.

So, what makes a database “Special”? Here are a few.Key characteristics that distinguish specialized databases from generic ones:

Scalability: specialized databases are Latest Mailing Database often built to scale, meaning they.Can handle large amounts of data and scale up or down as needed. This is particularly important for businesses that deal with large volumes. Of data, such as those in the finance, healthcare, or e-commerce industries.

Fit a wide range of use cases, making them ideal for businesses with unique requirements. For example, a business might need a database that can handle both structures. And unstructured data or one that can integrate with other systems seamlessly.

Security specialized databases

Latest Mailing Database

Are designed with security in mind, ensuring that sensitivity. Data is protected from unauthorized access or breaches. This is particularly important for businesses in industries such as healthcare or finance, where data security is a top priority.

Ease of use: specialized databases are often designed BJB Directory to be user-friendly and intuitive. Making them easy to use for non-technical users. This can help businesses save time and resources by reducing the need for extensive training or technical expertise.