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Attend meetings or conferences relevant to the industry or the company’s goals. Relationship Building: Traveling to meet clients, partners, or other stakeholders in person can help strengthen relationships and build trust. Closing Business : In some cases, it may be necessary to travel to meet potential customers or partners in order to close a deal.

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When paying with a virtual crdit card, extensive data information basd on the card number can offer enormous transparency. This database in turn means: More data, more control, more savings. The situation is similar in insurance, which is perhaps the sector that has digitizd the fastest. Virtual cards are the perfect FinTech payments complement to InsurTech. With virtual crdit cards, B2B customers pay efficiently for their insurance benefits. Your next steps to process B2B payments virtually Our survey reflects some of the developments and challenges facing B2B purchasing.


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However, it also clearly shows that companies have understood that virtual payment solutions play an important role here. If you also BJB Directory want to change your B2B procurement process, the following 5 steps can serve as a guide. Check all the products and services your business uses and whether you have or can switch to digital purchasing for them. Review the payment methods you use today. What are they and are you optimizing your process, control, data and working capital.

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